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Foster and Freeman Crime-lite AUTO

Crime-lite AUTO: Essential Forensic Technology

From: Foster+Freeman

Posted On: 29 Aug 2023

Join the Foster+Freeman team this Wednesday, 30th August as we take a closer look at the Crime-lite AUTO, a complete solution to the search, detection, and capture of evidence.

Crime-lite AUTO Webinar Promo

During this free-to-attend webinar, our team of experts will demonstrate how a single handheld device has replaced multiple cases of equipment, providing all of the technology required to reveal evidence including body fluids (semen, saliva, urine, etc.); blood on dark fabrics; fingerprints; gunshot residues; and traces of physical evidence (glass, fibres, hairs, etc.).

The All-in-One Search & Detection Solution
Camera + UV-Vis-IR Illumination + Evidence Imaging Filters

Simplified Operation of Powerful Technology
Start searching for evidence and get excellent results ‘straight out of the box’

Search Beyond the Visible to Detect More Evidence
Search for evidence outside the range of human vision

Search, Detect, Capture, Share
Conduct examinations and share results faster and more efficiently

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Who Should Attend this Webinar?

The Crime-lite AUTO has the potential to revolutionise your workflow at every stage of a forensic investigation, from crime scene to crime lab. As such, this webinar will be of interest to a wide audience including:

Crime-lite AUTO

Crime Scene Investigators

Forensic Photographers

Forensic First Responders

Fingerprint Examiners

Sexual Assault Examiners

Forensic Nurses


Crime Lab Directors

Forensic Science Professionals

Students of Forensic Science

When: 7pm (AEST)
Cost: Free-to-Attend (limited to 500 places)

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