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RF/EMI Shielding

Applications Test & Measurement RF/EMI Shielding

RF/EMI Shielded Pouches

EMI/RF shielded isolation pouches secure portable electronics from RF & electromagnetic interference and emissions. Lightweight and flexible, these pouches are made to shield RF and reflect signals from entering or leaving electronic devices.

RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Tents/Enclosures

Conduct your EMC or wireless testing on your desktop with Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures.
Testing small to medium-sized devices has never been easier. Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures allow RF isolation and testing in a lightweight, customizable, tabletop size. Portable and more space-saving than rigid metal boxes, Select Fabricators’ tabletop enclosure boxes deliver maximum isolation and attenuation plus they are easy to assemble, easy to move, and easy-to-store for optimum versatility. All RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures include Select Fabricators’ patented double magnet single door.

RF/EMI Shielded Portable Tents/Enclosures

Custom RF/EMI shielded portable tents from 4’ x 4′ to larger sizes. Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI shielded soft wall enclosures are available as a high-performance alternative to hard wall metal chambers and provide over -90 dB shielding effectiveness with portable to semi-permanent design options. Applications for Select Fabricators’ Portable RF / EMI Shielded Enclosures include: EMC pre-compliance or conducted and radiated emissions testing, wireless device testing, temporary EMI shielding, and secure communications.