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Polymax Plastics Analyser

PolyMax Plastics Analyser changes the game in plastics recycling and identification, using laser-based technology to validate the chemistry of both light and dark recycled plastic compounds — based on science, not best guesses — so you can purchase and sell with greater confidence.

  • ID light and dark plastics
  • Easy to use
  • Operator training in seconds
  • Reliable identification in seconds
  • Report generation to track results
  • Make the correct buying decisions
  • More accurate labeling for resale
  • Avoid traditional “burn and sniff” ID methods

ChemWiz-ADK Series 3

The ChemWiz-ADK Series 3 Handheld NIR Spectrometer is a rugged and easy-to-use, research grade near-infrared spectrometer for lab and field testing of sample composition with no additional setup required. The built in Analysser Development Kit allow spectral matching and also user creatable PLS modeling and prediction functionality. Additionally, the ChemWiz-ADK comes pre-packed with Starter NIR calibration models for a variety of applications. There is no similar portable NIR spectrometer system on the market today with this much functionality! The ChemWiz-ADK utilizes a research-grade spectrometer with <5nm spectral resolution over the near infrared, making these instruments the first choice in reliable testing, field demonstrations, installations, R&D, and quality control.


Portable near-infrared analyser for material identification and composition analysis. System includes interior mounting of spectrometer instrumentation pre-configured for “Open & Measure” application with no additional setup required. The system includes an internal main power control system with ON, OFF, & Charge buttons. The instrument has an acrylic sampling surface, reflectance fixture with high stability tungsten halogen source, and patent pending 3-dimensional collection optics. Standard systems are equipped with an InGaAs detector and 8 hour battery life for field use and portable application. Additional, PLS calibration models can be purchased separately.