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Linear Stages

Applications Micro & Nano Positioning Linear Stages

Miniature Linear Stages

Miniature stages are essential in positioning tasks where available space is limited. Piezomotor solutions like Q-motion, PIline and PiezoWalk allow for the most compact stages due to their direct drive principle. PI’s stages with electromagnetic motors are present and proven in automation tasks worldwide.

Stepper & DC Motors

Industrial applications in the production process such as laser processing benefit from the precise positioning accuracy of motorised positioning stages. Their low profile makes the variable stage series suitable for universal use, ranging from testing systems to production lines in precision automation. Standard stages are available in various load and precision classes for travel ranges up to 1 m.

Direct Drive Linear Motor

The friction-free magnetic direct drive principle allows for most dynamic stages. Compared with motor-spindle-based stages, they use fewer mechanical components which results in less friction and backlash and thus more precision. PI’s PIglide stages combine the magnetic direct drive with highly precise preloaded air bearings for even better performance.

Vertical Stages

Vertical stages can be mounted on linear stages without adapter and allow for flexible combinations of multi-axis positioning systems with stepper, DC or brushless DC motor options.