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Standards & Calibration Targets

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Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Durable reflectance panels for laboratory and field applications under harsh conditions with unequalled Lambertian reflectance from 250 – 2500 nm.

Permaflect Targets

Permaflect Targets offer uniform spectral response and high durability. Spectral imaging and LIDAR sensing systems require greyscale reference reflectance targets to characterise their performance. Labsphere’s Permaflect greyscale targets maintain their appearance across a wide variety of lighting environments and have uniform spectral response.

Zenith Lite Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Zenith Polymer reflectance material provides the highest diffuse reflectance of any known material over the UV-VIS-NIR region. The reflectance is very flat and generally > 99% over a range from 400 nm to 1500 nm and > 95% from 250 nm to 2500 nm.

Infragold NIR-MIR Targets

Infragold targets are mounted in an anodised aluminium frame and are used for infrared applications.

Spectralon Diffuse Colour Standards

Spectralon Diffuse Colour Standards aid in developing consistent colour reproduction for manufacturers of products such as textiles, papers, pharmaceuticals, paints, and inks.

Spectralon Wavelength Calibration Standards

Each Spectralon Wavelength Calibration Standards is formulated by impregnating a Spectralon substrate with the oxide of a rare earth element which displays sharp absorption spikes at specific wavelengths.