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Warsash Vibration Isolation

ELpF Series

Introducing the ELpF lightweight benchtop vibration isolation system from Kinetic Systems. This lightweight low-profile pneumatic vibration-free platform is designed to meet the exacting vibration-control requirements of sensitive equipment weighing in the 150-pound range (300 lbs max.).

2214 Series

The 2214 Series is Vibration Control Benchtop Platform that combines Kinetic System’s precision Active-Air Vertical isolation system with a multi-stage horizontal vibration control system. The 2214 Series is ideal for use in applications where horizontal vibrations are a problem.

2212 Series

The 2212 Series Vibration Control Platform is designed to enhance the performance of precision tabletop equipment. It uses Kinetic System’s precision Active-Air design and requires an air source for operation. It is a self-leveling unit and recommended for regular use.


A lightweight and compact vibration absorption system from K&S, allows significant reduction in unwanted vibrations translated to the working environment from various environmental disturbances. Developed by engineers, physicists, and leading industry consultants with expertise in vibration isolation and precision instruments, SOTO effectiveness is in significant absorption of vibrations and disturbances.


A lightweight and compact table top active vibration isolation system from K&S that counteracts unwanted vibrations for sensitive equipment. The streamlined design allows it to seamlessly become part of the workstation environment, and its straightforward composition requires no follow-up tuning

TS series

TS Series tables from Herzan provide industry leading active vibration isolation performance (sub 1 Hz), helping users achieve more from their research by removing disruptive vibration noise from their measurements. The TS Series is also designed to prioritize the user experience (i.e. automatic leveling, LCD display, and more), becoming the perfect solution for users wanting to focus on their research and not on their research equipment.


Warsash Vibration Isolation

1200 Series

The 1200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation from Kinetic Systems is designed to isolate loads up to 2800 lbs and is the obvious choice for moving loads. This workstation is a proven performer providing reliable vibration-free work environments for a wide range of industries.

9100 Series

The 9100 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation sets the industry standard for the vast majority of vibration control applications. The 9100 Series is an efficient, aesthetically and ergonomically styled piece of comfortable working furniture. For load ranges up to 1300 lbs.

9200 Series

The 9200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is a smaller, more compact design providing affordable personal convenience. The 9200 is ideal for applications such as balances, optical microscopes, cell injection, roundness checkers, and surface profilometers.

Optical Tables

Warsash Vibration Isolation

5300/5200/5100H Series

With three standard damping levels to choose from, Kinetic Systems honeycomb vibration isolation optical tables provide cost-effective solutions for virtually any application. For extremely sensitive applications in severe or unknown vibration environments, we recommend the 5300 Series honeycomb optical table featuring quad-tuned plus broadband damping. For less demanding applications choose the 5200 Series which features dual-tuned plus broadband damping. For the most most environments the 5100H series with broadband damping is the optimal choice. All systems are available with either Active-Air or Passive-Air vibration isolators, or Modular Rigid Supports.


Warsash Vibration Isolation


High performance acoustic isolation that rests on any desktop. The Silencer acoustic enclosure capitalises on its compact design to deliver industry leading acoustic isolation performance for any research instrument or application. The Silencer was designed to provide instrument manufacturers and end users the utility of receiving broadband acoustic isolation performance in a form factor fitting the needs of modern laboratories where available space is limited and expensive.


The preferred solution for AFMs needing maximum protection against acoustic noise. The AEK-2002 acoustic enclosure builds on over 20 years experience improving the isolation technology within Herzan acoustic enclosures, delivering a field-tested and optimised solution for protecting sensitive instruments from disruptive acoustic noise. The AEK-2002 has been chosen by hundreds of researchers worldwide, delivering the quietest operating environment possible for performing high precision research.