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Quantum X Align

Quantum X Align enhances Nanoscribe’s field-proven 3D Microfabrication technology based on Two-Photon Polymerisation (2PP) by adding high-precision alignment capabilities for highly accurate placement of printed structures. Print freeform micro-optics directly onto optical fibres or photonic chips with submicron accuracy using this highest resolution 3D printer with nano-precision aligned 3D printing capabilities. Produce efficient optical interconnects for photonic integration and photonic packaging or miniaturised imaging optics, e.g. for minimally invasive endoscopy.

Quantum X Shape

Quantum X Shape is a truly capable multi-talent. Based on Two-Photon Polymerisation (2PP), the 3D laser lithography system combines proprietary 3D printing technologies that make it the optimal tool for rapid prototyping and wafer-scale batch processing of virtually any 2.5D and 3D shape with submicron precision and accuracy.

Photonic Professional GT2

Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT2 uses Two-Photon Polymerisation (2PP) to produce filigree structures of nearly any 3D shape by high-precision 3D printing: crystal lattices, porous scaffolds, naturally inspired patterns, smooth contours, sharp edges, undercuts and bridges are all manufacturable with high resolution. More than a thousand successful research projects by Nanoscribe customers and system users are evidence of the power of two-photon lithography.

Quantum X Bio

Quantum X Bio is an exceptionally capable, versatile bioprinter with highest resolution. The direct laser writing based 3D bioprinter offers essential features such as precise temperature control, sterile environment and functionalised biomaterials that unlock a new level of bioprinting and effectively accelerate innovation in key applications such as tissue engineering, cell biology and the full range of biomedical applications

Quantum X

The world’s first Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL) system combines the extraordinary performance of grayscale lithography with the precision and flexibility of Nanoscribe’s pioneering Two-Photon Polymerisation (2PP) technology. Quantum X, as maskless lithography system, is the optimal tool for industrial manufacturing of 2.5D freeform micro-optics, microlens arrays and multi-level diffractive optical elements.

IP Resins

Nanoscribe IP Resins are established standard materials for high-resolution microfabrication. Sub-micrometre resolution and shape accuracy as well as easy handling are key features of these negative-tone resins. IP Resins are highly-efficient printing materials and an essential element of Nanoscribe’s Microfabrication Solution Sets. The printer software offers advanced recipes optimised for different photoresins and applications. They make the 3D printing workflow straightforward and speed up the design iteration cycles for scientific and industrial use cases ranging from biomimetic surfaces, micro-optical elements to mechanical metamaterials and 3D cell scaffolds.