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Rotation Stages

Applications Micro & Nano Positioning Rotation Stages

Direct Drive Rotation Stage

Torque motors are electromagnetic direct drives. They dispense with mechanical components in the drivetrain and transfer the drive force directly and friction-free to the motion platform. The drives reach high velocities and accelerations. Ironless motors are particularly suitable for positioning tasks with the highest demands on precision because there is no undesirable interaction with the permanent magnets.

Stepper & DC Motors

High-precision positioning due to low-play preloaded worm gear. Preloaded pivot bearings for high travel accuracy. Unlimited travel range in both directions of rotation.

Miniature Rotation Stages

PILine stages are particularly suitable for applications that require fast precision positioning. When switched off, the self-locking drive holds the position of the stage mechanically stable. Energy consumption and heat generation are therefore considerably reduced. Applications with a low duty cycle that are battery-powered or heat-sensitive benefit from these characteristics.

Goniometer Stages

Drive with high gear ratio for precision positioning. Can be combined for 2-axis motion with shared pivot point for precision micro-assembly, metrology and photonics alignment applications.