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3D Surface Profilers

Applications Metrology 3D Surface Profilers

TopMap Micro.View

TopMap Micro.View from Polytec is an easy to use and compact optical profiler. Combine exceptional performance and affordability with this powerful metrology solution. With an extended 100 mm Z measurement range and the CST Continuous Scanning Technology, Micro.View measures complex topographies at nm resolution. This convenient table-top setup features integrated electronics, with the smart focus finder simplifying and speeding up the measurement procedure. It is a cost-effective quality control solution for surface analysis of precision-engineering, for inspecting roughness, microstructures and fine surface details.

TopMap Micro.View+

Polytec’s TopMap Micro.View+ is the next generation optical surface profiler. Designed for modularity, this comprehensive workstation allows for customised and application-specific configurations. The Micro.View + delivers the most detailed analysis of surface roughness, texture and microstructure topography. Combine 3D data with color information for amazing visualisations and extended analysis like detailed documentation of defects. The high-resolution 5 MP camera delivers incredibly detailed 3D data visualisation of engineered surfaces.

TopMap Pro.Surf

The TopMap Pro.Surf from Polytec is an optical measurement system designed for rapid surface characterisation with a large field of view. The Pro.Surf utilises telecentric optics to provide areal measurements of surfaces and reveal geometrical and structural details when inspecting workpiece surfaces. Additionally, the Pro.Surf can be optioned with a chromatic confocal sensor to perform surface roughness measurements in accordance with a range of ISO standards.

TopMap Pro.Surf+

The Polytec TopMap Pro.Surf+ conveniently determines surface roughness and form deviation in a single measurement system – precise, reliable and cost-efficient. The additional roughness sensor and smart data acquisition takes the high-end surface measuring system TopMap Pro.Surf to the next level forming an all-in-one instrument. The resulting Pro.Surf+ is ideal for measuring precision surfaces – in the metrology laboratory, close to production and even right in the production line thanks to a high level of repeatability.

TopMap Metro.Lab

The TopMap Metro.Lab from Polytec is a high-precision white-light interferometer (coherence scanning interferometer) with a large vertical range and nanometer resolution. This means the Metro.Lab topography measurement system is ideally suited to the non-contact measurement of flatness, step heights and parallelisms of large surfaces and structures even on soft and delicate materials. Being a complete measuring station, the TopMap Metro.Lab is the optimum solution when you want to measure large-area topographies on almost all surfaces.

Next Gen Optical Surface Profiling


White-light interferometers are optical 3D surface profilers and the ideal measurement solution for inspecting functional surfaces with utmost precision and reliability. TopMap surface metrology systems measure 3D profiles, evaluating form parameters like step-height, waviness, flatness and parallelism, as well as roughness and microstructures in all environments from research laboratories, close to and in production lines.

Gelsight Mobile Series 2 / Max

GelSight Mobile puts high-resolution, non-destructive surface analysis and imaging in the palm of your hand. It offers unique advantages for a wide range of metrology and surface inspection applications.

Profilm3D Series

The Profilm3D optical profiler uses state-of-the-art white light interferometry (WLI) to measure surface profiles and roughness down to 0.05 µm; adding the low-cost PSI option takes the minimum vertical feature size down to 0.001 µm. The newest generation of the Profilm3D optical profilometer offers Enhanced Roughness Mode for accurate imaging of rough surfaces and highly sloped sidewalls.