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Trace Detection

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Trace Detection


A multi-mission handheld mass spectrometer from 908 Devices, utilised by elite responders conducting chemical, explosive, priority drug and hazmat operations around the world. Trace-level threat detection and discriminating selectivity deliver real-time actionable intelligence in seconds. MX908 detects compounds at sensitivity levels comparable to ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). It also identifies threats at levels not much else can. The power of high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) delivers unparalleled selectivity to accurately discriminate priority threats from the myriad of interferents that lead to false alarms with other technologies.

MX908 Beacon

MX908 Beacon is the only area monitoring solution that provides identification of aerosol and vapor chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs). Beacon provides increased battery life and communications to enable remote operation and data viewing for the MX908 with Aero, enabling more capability for elite responders conducting area monitoring missions around the world. MX908 Beacon is compatible with any MX908 device and provides a remote communications package that allows users to operate and monitor multiple Beacons from anywhere in the world while sharing real-time data with their team.