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Foster+Freeman’s most advanced QDE workstation to date, the VSC8000/HS combines sophisticated digital imaging and multi-wavelength illumination technology with a clear and efficient software interface, to provide a complete solution to the examination of all questioned documents. Cutting-edge examination techniques including, multi-spectral imaging (from UV through the visible to IR), 3D topographical imaging, hyper-spectral imaging, and full-spectrum colour analysis, may all be used to authenticate questioned documents, detect evidence of tampering, and to identify counterfeits and frauds.


Introducing a new VSC workstation for the hybrid physical and digital inspection of travel and identity documents, designed to meet the complex demands of immigration/border security applications. The first in a new generation of hybrid VSC document examination systems, the VSC900 provides examiners with a comprehensive suite of traditional and advanced tools for the interrogation and verification of passports, ID cards, visas, residence permits, and other questioned documents.


The compact forensic QDE workstation and a complete solution to the forensic examination of questioned documents. The VSC80/FS is an ideal instrument for the analysis and comparison of handwriting, signatures, photocopied and printed documents, banknotes, cheques and secure documents including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and breeder documents. The VSC80/FS provides a comprehensive suite of examination facilities within a compact yet powerful workstation.


The VSC80i is an intelligent touch screen workstation for forensic-level examination of travel and identity documents. With advanced forensic-level technology, operated via a simplified touchscreen interface, the VSC80i provides a complete solution to the examination of secure travel and identity documents including passports, ID cards, visas, entry permits, and drivers licences.

  • Examine and Authenticate Documents
  • Identify Fakes and Counterfeits
  • Decode MRZ, e-Chip and Embedded Data


For perfect digital capture of travel and identity documents, the VSC PDi+ captures ultra-high-resolution images of documents under a selection of light sources, storing them together with biometric and embedded data to create a full digital record of the physical document. Examination-quality digital copies of travel and identity documents can be interrogated on-the-spot or shared across a secure network for remote examination by users of any connected VSC instrument.