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Crime-lite ML PRO 2


A simple and intuitive imaging solution, the Crime-lite ML PRO 2 is a semi-automated evidence screening tool built to meet the demands of busy forensic laboratories tasked with processing a broad variety of evidence types. Examine objects under UV, Visible, and IR light sources to reveal hidden details, utilising pre-configured lighting/filter combinations for specific evidence types, or craft custom configurations for ultimate flexibility. The ML PRO 2 manoeuvres effortlessly over evidence, enabling both one-click automated searches and manual control over light sources and filters.

Crime-lite ML PRO

Perfect for rapid forensic triage to meet the demands of busy forensic laboratories. The Crime-lite ML PRO is the first in a new generation of evidence screening tools built to meet the demands of busy forensic laboratories tasked with processing large quantities of evidence. With fully-integrated UV-VIS-IR illumination and an ‘intelligent optics’ imaging system, the ML PRO can be used to mark-up evidence, detect the presence of body fluids, and locate minute fragments of trace evidence.

Crime-lite ML2

The Crime-lite ML2 forensic light source combines the versatility of multi-wavelength, high intensity LED illumination with wide area bi-ocular magnification. An ideal system for the examination and ‘marking up’ of large items of evidence in the laboratory. The essential bench top magnifier with multi-wavelength illumination with the option of including an infrared illumination module.

Crime-lite MLD *LEGACY*

For simultaneous live Reflected-UV/IR examination the Crime-lite MLD is a simply operated solution for the rapid detection of fingerprints and marking-up of evidence. The Crime-lite MLD is a powerful live-video screening tool that utilises Reflected-UV/IR imaging technology to quickly locate the presence of fingermarks without the need for chemical staining.

Crime-lite AUTO

The Crime-lite AUTO is where forensic imaging technology meets powerful multi-spectral illumination. The complete solution to search, detect, and capture evidence. Investigators no longer need to carry a box full of light sources, a camera, filters, and multiple pairs of goggles, because the Crime-lite AUTO offers all this functionality in a single package. Providing complete portability and ease of use for the operator, the Crime-lite AUTO is an essential tool for criminal investigators and first responders and includes all of the technology required to reveal evidence including body fluids (semen, saliva, urine), blood on dark fabrics, fingerprints, gunshot residues, and traces of physical evidence (glass, fibres, hairs).


A truly versatile fingerprint imaging system designed to maximise the search, detection and imaging of evidence at the crime-scene and in the laboratory. Combining the handheld Crime-lite AUTO with a modular laboratory dock, DISCOVER is a versatile two-part workstation for every stage of the forensic evidence workflow. Requires Crimelite AUTO.