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Backscatter X-ray

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The PX1 raises the standard on inspection technology and image processing. This technology makes it easy to scan any surface in a matter of seconds and automatically enhances the image for better inspection results. With 140 keV and Videray optics, seeing through more material with greater depth is now possible. The PX1 is the most powerful and portable non-intrusive handheld inspection tool on the market. The goal is to empower global security and law enforcement agencies by amplifying their vision beyond the naked eye and allow them to see through virtually any surface layer to detect dense organic and inorganic materials that may pose a safety and security concern.


With higher energy, and deeper penetration, the PXUltra has more power and better image performance. With 160 keV and patented optics, seeing through more material with greater depth is now possible. Portability and superior image quality expedite the inspection process by allowing for quick scans and dispositioning of potential threats without compromising safety and security. 10mm of steel penetration opens even more possibilities for operators to detect deeper hidden anomalies and threats.


The Modular Transmission Panel from Videray enhances X-ray imaging when combined with the PX1. Improving security forces’ vision worldwide with superior precision imaging technology. See through up to 25mm of steel. With true portability and maneuverability, the transmission detector panel connects wirelessly and has a modular design for quick configurations. The overall design accommodates large object/area screening and those ‘difficult to image objects or conveyances’ in small, tight or confined spaces. The MTP+ is compact and lightweight with a carbon fibre design and a thin profile of just 15mm thickness.