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Warsash Microfluidics

Microfluidic Chips

A extensive range of microfluidic chips in materials including polymers (PMMA and Topas), glass and silicone.

Microfluidic Accessories

A range of microfluidic accessories required to run microfluidic chips including, fluidic interfaces, tubing, kits, reagents, sampling vessels, valving and storage.

Polymer Substrates & Foils

A range of materials that are useful in microfluidics. Materials include PMMA, Topas, PC, Zeonex and Zeonor and sizes range from microscope slide to 180 mm diameter wafer.


The ChipGenie range of instruments are for microfluidic chip-based applications that require heating, optical read-out, electrophoresis, magnetic bead handling. A variety of microfluidic chips are suitable for the systems.