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Warsash Light Measurement

UV-VIS-IR Light Meters, Lux Meters & Radiometers

ILT light meters are easy-to-use, high performance instruments perfect for use as photometers (lux & chroma meters), intensity meters (candela), UV test (dose and exposure meters), power meters (watts or lumens), and flash light meters (high-intensity pulsed light, Xenon or LED strobe lamps). Most of ILT’s Light Meters, Radiometers and Photometers can be configured with almost any one of our large selection of application-specific light sensors (light detectors), input optics, and light measurement accessories.

UVC & Disinfection Light Meters

If you are using a UVC light-based disinfection system you are probably scrambling to deploy tools to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Increasingly facilities are looking to disinfect everything including air, surfaces, instruments, and personal protective equipment (PPE) using UV-C light. Verifying the intensity of the light, or dose, reaching the target is a critical step in validating that the correct UV dose is being applied to ensure proper decontamination. Here’s where ILT can help you.

Light Measurement Detectors

ILT detectors are designed to emit low levels of current in the pico-amp to milli-amp range which is then converted to calibrated optical units such as lux, W, W/cm2, etc., when used with ILT light meters. Detector assemblies typically include a sensor, filter, optic and calibration.

Input Optics

Light measurement units are defined around very specific spatial responses. A carefully designed input optics system is essential if measurement accuracy is to be achieved.


Warsash Light Measurement


StellarNet’s high performance RED-Wave NIR Spectrometers cover the NIR wavelength range from 900-2500 μm in one unit. The spectrometers are exceptionally robust with no moving parts and are packaged in a small, rugged metal enclosure (2.75” x 4” x 6”) ideal for portable processes, and lab applications.


The StellarNet BLUE-Wave miniature spectrometers are fibre optically coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in 200-1150 nm wavelength ranges. Various models are available with a choice of grating range and slit resolutions.


The StellarNet GREEN-Wave miniature spectrometers are cost-effective, fibre optically coupled instruments with a wide selection of standard models for measurements in 350-1150 nm wavelength ranges.


StellarNet BLACK-Comet research grade concave grating spectrometers deliver high performance for spectroscopy applications in the UV-VIS wavelength ranges covering 190-850 nm (model C), or optionally 280-900 nm (model CXR).

DWARF-Star Miniature NIR

The StellarNet DWARF-Star NIR spectrometers are fibre optically coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in the 900-1700 nm wavelength range achieving resolving resolutions down to 1.25 nm.


The SILVER-Nova is the most well-rounded spectrometer choice allowing research grade results for numerous spectroscopic applications over the 190-1110 nm wavelength range.

HR-X Hi-Res

HR-X Hi-Res Spectrometer Series comprise StellarNet’s highest resolution spectrometers, with numerous modes available to cover the UV, VIS, and NIR wavelength ranges.

StellarRAD Handheld Spectroradiometer

The StellarRAD Series 3 is a rugged, turn-key solution for portable light measurement. This handheld radiometer is an easy-to-use research-grade spectrometer for field testing of lights with no additional setup required.


FT-NIR (Near-infrared) fibred spectrometers. Range 900 nm-2500 nm (4,000-11,000 cm-1).


The FTIR Rocket can be used for free-space measurement, or alternatively for fibred applications thanks to a removable fibre adapter (included). The ARCoptix FT-MIR “Rocket” offers high resolution and sensitivity thanks to its 4 stage thermoelectrically cooled MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) detector.

VIS-NIR Reflectance Spectrometer

The ARCoptix VIS-NIR-FIB is an ultra-broadband spectrometer designed for use with fibred probes over the complete VIS & NIR spectral range (350-2500 nm).

StellarSCOPE + Auto Mapping


The StellarSCOPE and StellarSCOPE-AM Systems allows users to couple their favourite StellarNet spectrometer systems to a microscope. This enables users to perform Raman, Fluorescence, Film Metrology, & CIELAB colour measurements on a micro spot and capture high-resolution images, video, and time-lapse video of their samples. The new StellarSCOPE-AM allows for Auto-Mapping using the new StellarPro spectrometer application software.