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Applications Vibration Isolation Workstations

1200 Series

The 1200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation from Kinetic Systems is designed to isolate loads up to 2800 lbs and is the obvious choice for moving loads. This workstation is a proven performer providing reliable vibration-free work environments for a wide range of industries.

9100 Series

The 9100 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation sets the industry standard for the vast majority of vibration control applications. The 9100 Series is an efficient, aesthetically and ergonomically styled piece of comfortable working furniture. For load ranges up to 1300 lbs.

9200 Series

The 9200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is a smaller, more compact design providing affordable personal convenience. The 9200 is ideal for applications such as balances, optical microscopes, cell injection, roundness checkers, and surface profilometers.