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Integrating Spheres

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Integrating Spheres

Labsphere’s integrating sphere design features sturdy port frames, easy access mounting options, and quick-change accessory options meeting a multiple of requirements.

Low-Cost Integrating Spheres

StellarNet designs and manufactures a variety of low cost integrating spheres and accessories for photometric and radiometric applications.


Flexible, modular light measurement solutions with centralised data management. From high bays to headlights and everything in between, Labsphere have an integrating sphere spectroradiometer for your application.

illuminaPro3 LED Characterisation

The illumiaPro3 is an integrating sphere spectroradiometer designed specifically for the testing and characterisation of high-power LEDs.

HeliosPlus Uniform Source

Simple, complete turn-key radiance sources with excellent dynamic range. Featuring broadband 3000 K black body like spectrums, these are fully featured radiance sources ideal for sensor testing, and feature spare ports and future upgrade capability.


With its compact design, the PT-038-PLS tunable LED light source delivers lab performance in a portable source for in-the-field applications. The robust storage and transfer case enable the required mobility to take the calibration source to the device under test.