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Used by fingerprint experts across the globe, the DCS 5 is a comprehensive imaging system for the illumination, visualisation, photography, and enhancement of almost any type of fingerprint on any surface or background, ensuring that maximum detail is revealed. Built around a modified flagship Nikon camera and fitted with application-specific macro lenses, DCS 5 systems include a comprehensive selection of imaging and illumination modules capable of revealing fingerprints and producing images of exceptional quality. Advanced digital enhancement maximises print detail to further improve the value of evidence.


A truly versatile fingerprint imaging system designed to maximise the search, detection and imaging of evidence at the crime-scene and in the laboratory. Combining the handheld Crime-lite AUTO with a modular laboratory dock, DISCOVER is a versatile two-part workstation for every stage of the forensic evidence workflow. Requires Crimelite AUTO.


Using AARI (Amino Acid Rapid Imager), tasks that previously took many hours of manual processing can now be achieved in minutes with streamlined visualisation and mark-up of fingermarks Dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of fingerprint visualisation on items of porous/semi-porous evidence using a fully-integrated detection and imaging system with intelligent AI Assist Ridge Detection software.

CSU (Cylindrical Surface Un-Wrapper)

Cylindrical Surface Un-Wrapper for DCS and DISCOVER is used to ‘Un-Wrap’ 2D images of fingerprints on 3D objects including bullets, pens, tools and syringes. As an innovative new accessory for use with the DISCOVER and DCS fingerprint imaging systems, items of evidence that had previously presented a significant challenge to forensic photographers can now be quickly and easily examined and enhanced.