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Applications Spectroscopy Photoluminescence

InVia Confocal Raman Microscope

The inVia microscope comprises a research-grade microscope coupled to a high-performance Raman spectrometer. It is simple to operate yet delivers outstanding performance – high signal throughput, combined with high spectral resolution and stability – giving reliable results, for even the most challenging measurements.

L405 Raman Spectrometer

EnSpectr L405 sets new records at Blue-Violet wavelengths. It is a unique luminescent analyser that combines highest resolution and superior sensitivity in a compact design. EnSpectr L405 is based on the proprietary technology developed by Enhanced Spectrometry for demanding measurement tasks in scientific research as well as industrial applications.

L365 Raman Spectrometer

The professional EnSpectr L365 Spectrometer is a low-cost miniature device for spectral analysis that offers a quick and simple solution to the problem of detecting colourless natural diamonds.

Mini PL 110

The Mini PL 110 is a miniature instrument employing a scanning monochromator with detector with gated boxcar integrator and averager with a nearly 7-decade dynamic range. Measurement of photoluminescence (PL) spectra from wide bandgap semiconductor materials is an important characterisation method and is widely accepted. These measurements are important both for research, device characterisation, and manufacturing process monitoring and control.

TUCS 1000

TUCS 1000 is a handheld instrument for providing detection of laser based detection of trace chemical in the fg amount or pg/cm² concentration range using deep UV fluorescence with excitation at 224.3 nm or 248.6 nm. TUCS 1000 is designed to be employed as sensitive, in-situ, autonomous, industrial or environmental monitors. The sensors developed by Photon Systems operate in the deep ultraviolet to enhance their sensitivity and specificity in identifying certain molecular structures such as organic molecules and well as other molecules that are optimally excited in the UV to emit fluorescence and Raman.