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Field Portable Raman

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EZRaman-I Series High Performance Portable Raman Analyser

The EZRaman-I Series are high-sensitivity field portable Raman instruments suitable for laboratory and/or field analysis. The EZRaman-I spectrometer features a highly sensitive spectrograph with CCD cooled to -50ºC. It also includes a high-throughput laboratory fibre optics probe. This tools is ideal for demanding onsite Raman identification, chemical process monitoring in the lab, and many academic, research, industrial applications.

StellarCASE-Raman Analyser

The StellarCASE-Raman produces near instantaneous results on your screen with a click of the analyse button. Most Raman analysis involves sending your samples to a laboratory and waiting for your results. The StellarCASE-Raman allows you to bring your lab to your sample. The system uses low cost, rugged spectrometers with diode array technology and can take your spectral scans in seconds. With a Rugged Case Raman System for “Open & Measure” Applications the system includes a high performance Raman spectrometer, high power laser, and vial holder.

R532 Raman Analyser

EnSpectr R532 is a unique instrument that combines the advantage of a portable probe system with the performance of a highly specified laboratory instrument. It is the perfect choice for Raman analyses where high quality data is essential. Real-time and accurate identification of an unknown substance occurs by comparing its unique Raman spectrum of molecular vibrations (molecular “fingerprint”) to Raman spectra of reference substances stored in a spectral database. R532 identifies through walls of sealed bags, transparent bottles, vials, and ampoules. The ease of use, single-hand operation, small size and weight of R532 allows testing chemical substances at the point of receipt, use, or delivery.

R1064 IR Raman Analyser

EnSpectr R1064 is a unique instrument that enables to obtain Raman spectra in those applications where the Raman scattering signal is largely exceeded by fluorescence. With EnSpectr R1064 you can easily analyse gas, oils, dyes, paints, organic substances, etc. EnSpectr R1064 is now the only portable device on the market which can see the water Raman line using a 1064 nm laser owing to its record wide spectral range. This makes it a comprehensive tool for analysis of liquids through transparent and semitransparent packaging.