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Piezo Stages

Applications Micro & Nano Positioning Piezo Stages

Multi-Axis Piezo Flexure Stages

PI’s multi-axis piezo flexure stages allow positioning and scanning with sub-nanometer precision in up to 6 axes, including tip, tilt and yaw motion. Versions range from most compact cube design to large aperture and low profile. XYZ Scanners are all-rounders in positioning technology. Applications include sample adjustment, technology, optical metrology, fiber positioning and photonics, as well as atomic force microscopy.

PIFOC Objective Scanner

Piezo flexure stages and objective scanners of the PIFOC and PInano series offer high dynamics in positioning and scanning tasks. Well adapted solutions for specimen positioning vertical to the optical axis and Z focusing of the objective are available as standard products.

Linear Stages

PI’s nano positioning stages and scanners combine nanometer-precision resolution and guiding precision with minimum crosstalk. Linear piezo stages with PICMA piezo actuator drive and flexure guidings are available for travel ranges up to 1.5 mm.

Tip/Tilt Stages

The high stiffness of piezo flexure mirror platforms allows for high dynamics and excellent position stability. The compact devices are frequently used for beam deflection in laser processing and laser steering. Their parallel-kinematic design creates identical performance in tip and tilt axis, with a common fixed pivot point and no change of polarisation direction.