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Lock-In Amplifiers

Warsash Test and Measurement


The Zurich Instruments MFLI is a digital lock-in amplifier that covers the frequency range from DC to 500 kHz (and up to 5 MHz when upgraded). Thanks to its embedded data and web servers, the MFLI can be used directly with any device running a web browser without further software installations.


The Zurich Instruments HF2LI is a digital lock-in amplifier covering the frequency range between DC and 50 MHz. It is the instrument of choice for the characterisation of MEMS devices such as gyroscopes and for measurements in the area of microfluidics. The HF2LI is equipped with the Zurich Instruments control software LabOne, which provides a web-based user interface featuring a spectrum analyser, a sweeper and a basic oscilloscope, among others.


The Zurich Instruments UHFLI is a digital lock-in amplifier that covers the frequency range from DC to 600 MHz. It offers a time constant of 30 ns for demodulation – resulting in a demodulation bandwidth that exceeds 5 MHz.


The Zurich Instruments GHFLI Lock-in Amplifier extends the advantages of lock-in amplifiers – noise rejection, phase sensitivity, frequency tracking and more – to applications that operate at frequencies up to 1.8 GHz.


The Zurich Instruments SHFLI Lock-in Amplifier brings the advantages of lock-in amplifiers – noise rejection, phase sensitivity, frequency tracking and more – to applications that operate at frequencies up to 8.5 GHz.

Impedance Analysers

Warsash Test and Measurement


The Zurich Instruments MFIA is a digital impedance analyzer and precision LCR meter that sets the new standard for impedance measurements in the frequency range from 1 mHz to 500 kHz (extended to 5 MHz when upgraded). The MFIA has a basic accuracy of 0.05% and operates over a measurement range spanning from 1 mΩ to 1 TΩ.

Laser Beam Profilers

Warsash Test and Measurement


The WinCamD-LCM laser beam profiler from DataRay is capable of measuring spatial profiles of both pulsed and continuous wave lasers at frame rates of up to 60 Hz, and with very high resolution (2048 x 2048 pixels). The beam profiler is supplied with 3, stackable neutral density filters (OD1, OD2 and OD4), which are magnetically fixed to the input aperture of the profiler.


The WinCamD-IR-BB from DataRay is suitable for measuring the spatial profile of both pulsed and continuous wave lasers in the infrared wavelength range (2-16 μm); this is made possible through the use of a microbolometer array. A shutter which is integrated into the profiler enables dynamic correction of the noise and baseline, and the profiler features non-uniformity correction (NUC).


The WinCamD-QD-1550 from DataRay enables beam profiling of pulsed and continuous wave laser sources in the wavelength range 400 – 1700 nm. Optimised for wavelengths in the short range infrared, this beam profiler can be optioned with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 and dynamic range exceeding 2100 : 1. This is made possible though the use of colloidal quantum dot sensor technology.


The TaperCamD system is designed for the analysis of extended laser beams with a compact, high resolution 12-Bit digital CMOS camera. By combining the high signal-to-noise ratio and global shutter of the WinCamD-LCM with a high-quality fibre optic taper, the TaperCamD-LCM offers a very compact, easy-to-use solution for measuring a variety of large CW or pulsed lasers. With a large 25 x 25 mm active area, 4.2 Mpixels, 12.5 x 12.5 μm (effective) pixels, optical and electronic triggering of a global shutter, and a SNR of 2500 : 1, the TaperCamD-LCM offers the largest active sensor area on a USB-port powered laser beam profiling device.


The BeamMap2 scanning slit beam profiler utilises 2.5 um (and larger) slits to scan the profile of your laser beam. These scanning slits in combination with silicon, InGaAs or extended InGaAs detectors, the BeamMap2 can profile continuous wave and high repetition rate, pulsed lasers with wavelength in the range 190 – 2500 nm. The BeamMap2 represents a radically different approach to real-time beam profiling and allows for measurements at multiple locations along the beam’s travel. The BeamMap2’s unique, patented design is most advantageous for real-time measurement of focus position, M2, beam divergence and pointing.

Integrating Spheres

Warsash Test and Measurement

Integrating Spheres

Labsphere’s integrating sphere design features sturdy port frames, easy access mounting options, and quick-change accessory options meeting a multiple of requirements.

Low-Cost Integrating Spheres

StellarNet designs and manufactures a variety of low cost integrating spheres and accessories for photometric and radiometric applications.


Flexible, modular light measurement solutions with centralised data management. From high bays to headlights and everything in between, Labsphere have an integrating sphere spectroradiometer for your application.

illuminaPro3 LED Characterisation

The illumiaPro3 is an integrating sphere spectroradiometer designed specifically for the testing and characterisation of high-power LEDs.

HeliosPlus Uniform Source

Simple, complete turn-key radiance sources with excellent dynamic range. Featuring broadband 3000 K black body like spectrums, these are fully featured radiance sources ideal for sensor testing, and feature spare ports and future upgrade capability.


With its compact design, the PT-038-PLS tunable LED light source delivers lab performance in a portable source for in-the-field applications. The robust storage and transfer case enable the required mobility to take the calibration source to the device under test.


Warsash Test and Measurement


The SPCM-AQRH uses a unique silicon avalanche photodiode (SLiK) with a circular active area, achieving peak photon detection efficiency greater than 70% at 650 nm over a 180 µm diameter, with unmatched uniformity over the full active area. A TTL-level pulse is generated for each photon detected and the signal is available at the BNC connector at the rear of the module.


Excelitas offers Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) on both Silicon (Si) and InGaAs materials. Si APDs cover the spectral range of 400 nm to 1100 nm and the InGaAs APDs cover 950 nm to 1550 nm.

Photodiodes & Arrays

Excelitas utilises Silicon and InGaAs materials for their photodiodes to provide detection from 220 nm to 1700 nm. These devices are offered in a variety of sizes to meet customer sensitivity and speed requirements. Many different types of photodiodes are available to serve a wide variety of applications.

Quadrant Detectors

Precise beam positioning can be achieved by using quadrant PIN and avalanche photodetectors from Excelitas. They are designed with 4 pie-shaped quadrants, each formed using varied doping processes, thus minimising the “dead” space between each quadrant.

Sunscreens & Cosmetics

Warsash Test and Measurement


The UV-2000S is an industry leading UV transmittance Analyser counted on by leading cosmetic and textile manufacturers the world over. Driven by rapidly evolving industry requirements to simplify research and development or quality control for textiles and sunscreens, the UV-2000S is designed to comply with recently approved testing methods and delivers a hassle-free analytical experience.


Moulded PMMA Helioplate HD6, the first substrate recognised world-wide for invitro sun protection evaluation.

Materials & Coatings

Warsash Test and Measurement

Spectraflect Diffuse Reflectance Coating

Available in 80% and 98% reflectances, this non-toxic material is near-Lambertian in character and is easily applied by spraying onto a substrate. Spray coating allows for faster prototyping and ensures that the final design is not limited by the application process.

Infragold NIR-MIR Reflectance Coating

Infragold NIR-MIR Reflectance Coating exhibits excellent reflectance properties over the wavelength range from 0.7 to 20 μm.

Spectralon EPV Diffuse Reflectance Material

A perfectly white and diffuse material – a Lambertian >99% reflector – can be of great benefit to radiometric problems.

Spectrablack Ultralow Reflectance Material

Spectrablack is a low reflectance (1.6% or less from 250-2500 nm) light absorbing material that is resistant to abrasion and ideal for indoor near normal sensor characterisation applications and light shielding/optical scattering prevention in OEM optical systems.


Fluorilon-99W is a sintered PTFE material with the highest diffuse reflectance of any known material. The material is both thermally (>300°C), physically, and chemically stable to all but the most hostile environments.

Avian-B White Reflectance Coating

Avian-B coating is a water-based barium sulfate coating, primarily designed for laboratory applications. The coating is highly Lambertian and exhibits reflectance of >97% from 350-850 nm and greater than 92% from 250-1300 nm.

Avian-D White Reflectance Coating

Avian-D coating is a two-part water based urethane coating, which can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. The reflectance of Avian-D coating matches that of barium sulfate based coating in the visible region of the spectrum.

Avian Black-S Reflectance Coating

Avian Black-S coating is a spray-on, two-part water-based urethane coating which exhibits low reflectance over a wide wavelength range. The reflectance is <3.5% over most of the UV-Vis-NIR and approximately 3% or lower* over most of the range.

Standards & Calibration Targets

Warsash Test and Measurement

Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Durable reflectance panels for laboratory and field applications under harsh conditions with unequalled Lambertian reflectance from 250 – 2500 nm.

Permaflect Targets

Permaflect Targets offer uniform spectral response and high durability. Spectral imaging and LIDAR sensing systems require greyscale reference reflectance targets to characterise their performance. Labsphere’s Permaflect greyscale targets maintain their appearance across a wide variety of lighting environments and have uniform spectral response.

Zenith Lite Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Zenith Polymer reflectance material provides the highest diffuse reflectance of any known material over the UV-VIS-NIR region. The reflectance is very flat and generally > 99% over a range from 400 nm to 1500 nm and > 95% from 250 nm to 2500 nm.

Infragold NIR-MIR Targets

Infragold targets are mounted in an anodised aluminium frame and are used for infrared applications.

Spectralon Diffuse Colour Standards

Spectralon Diffuse Colour Standards aid in developing consistent colour reproduction for manufacturers of products such as textiles, papers, pharmaceuticals, paints, and inks.

Spectralon Wavelength Calibration Standards

Each Spectralon Wavelength Calibration Standards is formulated by impregnating a Spectralon substrate with the oxide of a rare earth element which displays sharp absorption spikes at specific wavelengths.

RF/EMI Shielding

Warsash Test and Measurement

RF/EMI Shielded Pouches

EMI/RF shielded isolation pouches secure portable electronics from RF & electromagnetic interference and emissions. Lightweight and flexible, these pouches are made to shield RF and reflect signals from entering or leaving electronic devices.

RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Tents/Enclosures

Conduct your EMC or wireless testing on your desktop with Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures.
Testing small to medium-sized devices has never been easier. Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures allow RF isolation and testing in a lightweight, customizable, tabletop size. Portable and more space-saving than rigid metal boxes, Select Fabricators’ tabletop enclosure boxes deliver maximum isolation and attenuation plus they are easy to assemble, easy to move, and easy-to-store for optimum versatility. All RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures include Select Fabricators’ patented double magnet single door.

RF/EMI Shielded Portable Tents/Enclosures

Custom RF/EMI shielded portable tents from 4’ x 4′ to larger sizes. Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI shielded soft wall enclosures are available as a high-performance alternative to hard wall metal chambers and provide over -90 dB shielding effectiveness with portable to semi-permanent design options. Applications for Select Fabricators’ Portable RF / EMI Shielded Enclosures include: EMC pre-compliance or conducted and radiated emissions testing, wireless device testing, temporary EMI shielding, and secure communications.