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For perfect digital capture of travel and identity documents, the VSC PDi+ captures ultra-high-resolution images of documents under a selection of light sources, storing them together with biometric and embedded data to create a full digital record of the physical document. Examination-quality digital copies of travel and identity documents can be interrogated on-the-spot or shared across a secure network for remote examination by users of any connected VSC instrument.


The VSC QC1+ is the ideal rapid front-line document scanner with facial comparison, used to examine and authenticate passports and ID cards, and to detect and reveal alterations and counterfeits. Far more than a desktop scanner, the touchscreen VSC QC1+ enables a series of high-level checks to be carried out on a passport or ID card in seconds, combining ease of use with rapid examination, facial comparison, and data capture.

eye-D2 *LEGACY*

The eye-D2 is a rugged and reliable solution for the frontline examination of travel and identity documents. Designed for checking standard security features of travel documents, the eye-D2 is a low-cost system that can be deployed in large numbers to improve national and border security. The eye-D2 is a cost-effective system for the visual examination of passports and other ID documents, providing facilities for the verification of security features as well as detecting alterations or tampering.