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Air Bearing Stages

Applications Micro & Nano Positioning Air Bearing Stages

Linear Stages

PIglide positioning systems have a magnetic linear motor, magnetically preloaded air bearings and an optical linear encoder. Non-contact and friction-free motion for the highest accuracy and reliability.

XY Stages

The PIglide planar scanner has magnetic linear motors, vacuum preload, and an absolute encoder. Contact and friction-free motion for the highest accuracy and reliability. The positioning system was designed to maximise the throughput and ensure the highest precision. Flexible coupling of the bridge axis to the gantry axis allows lateral decoupling without sacrificing the stiffness of the system.

Rotation Stages

The PIglide series of air-bearing rotation stages are designed for accuracy, precision, high stiffness, and ease of use. Various options can be combined to create a solution ideal for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning. The stages offer superior travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble performance. Because they are friction free and require no maintenance or lubrication, they are ideal for use in cleanrooms.

Gantry Stage

The PI gantry systems have been designed to maximise throughput for applications requiring overhead motion. These stages are ideal for 3D printing, assembly, pick-and-place, alignment, inspection, and industrial automation applications.