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Laser Beam Profilers

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The WinCamD-LCM laser beam profiler from DataRay is capable of measuring spatial profiles of both pulsed and continuous wave lasers at frame rates of up to 60 Hz, and with very high resolution (2048 x 2048 pixels). The beam profiler is supplied with 3, stackable neutral density filters (OD1, OD2 and OD4), which are magnetically fixed to the input aperture of the profiler.


The WinCamD-IR-BB from DataRay is suitable for measuring the spatial profile of both pulsed and continuous wave lasers in the infrared wavelength range (2-16 μm); this is made possible through the use of a microbolometer array. A shutter which is integrated into the profiler enables dynamic correction of the noise and baseline, and the profiler features non-uniformity correction (NUC).


The WinCamD-QD-1550 from DataRay enables beam profiling of pulsed and continuous wave laser sources in the wavelength range 400 – 1700 nm. Optimised for wavelengths in the short range infrared, this beam profiler can be optioned with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 and dynamic range exceeding 2100 : 1. This is made possible though the use of colloidal quantum dot sensor technology.


The TaperCamD system is designed for the analysis of extended laser beams with a compact, high resolution 12-Bit digital CMOS camera. By combining the high signal-to-noise ratio and global shutter of the WinCamD-LCM with a high-quality fibre optic taper, the TaperCamD-LCM offers a very compact, easy-to-use solution for measuring a variety of large CW or pulsed lasers. With a large 25 x 25 mm active area, 4.2 Mpixels, 12.5 x 12.5 μm (effective) pixels, optical and electronic triggering of a global shutter, and a SNR of 2500 : 1, the TaperCamD-LCM offers the largest active sensor area on a USB-port powered laser beam profiling device.


The BeamMap2 scanning slit beam profiler utilises 2.5 um (and larger) slits to scan the profile of your laser beam. These scanning slits in combination with silicon, InGaAs or extended InGaAs detectors, the BeamMap2 can profile continuous wave and high repetition rate, pulsed lasers with wavelength in the range 190 – 2500 nm. The BeamMap2 represents a radically different approach to real-time beam profiling and allows for measurements at multiple locations along the beam’s travel. The BeamMap2’s unique, patented design is most advantageous for real-time measurement of focus position, M2, beam divergence and pointing.