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Femtosecond Lasers

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FS Series

The FS series of lasers provide from 5 W to 100 W of average laser power at wavelengths of 1030 nm, 515 nm or 343 nm, in a compact all-in-one platform, with up to 40 MHz PRF output. The user-friendly control interface allows Total Pulse Control and Burst Mode operation. Here, the user can select a desired number of pulses with adjustable separation and amplitude, enabling tailored ablation rates across a diversity of materials. Furthermore, the user can change the operating PRF and operating power or pulse energy through the PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control) function for on-the-fly process flexibility.

VALO Series

The VALO Series of ultrafast fibre lasers are unique in their design offering amongst the shortest femtosecond pulses and highest peak powers that can be obtained from a compact, turn-key laser solution. Pulse durations of <50 fs are achieved using novel fibre laser based technology with up to 2 W of output power.