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Handheld Alternate Light Sources

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Crime-lite LASER

For the detection and examination of every last trace of forensic evidence, the new Crime-lite LASER provides intense, ultra narrowband laser illumination from a truly portable light source. Available in Blue (447 nm) and Green (520 nm) wavelengths, the Crime-lite LASER is capable of revealing evidence including latent and treated fingermarks, body fluids, and other invaluable traces of forensic evidence:

  • Latent & treated fingermarks
  • Body fluids (blood, saliva, semen)
  • Accelerants and traces of GSR
  • Illicit drug residues
  • Other minute traces of evidence

Crime-lite 82S PRO


Used and trusted by law enforcement, military, and clinical forensic examiners worldwide, Crime-lite 82S PRO light sources can be relied upon to provide the high-intensity narrow bandwidth illumination required to detect even the smallest traces of forensic evidence. The Crime-lite 82S PRO range builds upon that time-proven technology, providing CSIs and forensic examiners with the illumination they need to Detect More Evidence. 16x high-intensity LEDs, each hand-picked for brightness and wavelength accuracy, ensure a consistent level of performance and effectiveness while PRO VISION evidence viewing accessories further improve the visibility and contrast of evidence. Available in UV, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green, Green, Orange, Red and Infrared wavelengths.

Crime-lite 82L PRO


16 high-intensity LEDs mounted behind a cylindrical lens give a wide floor level light beam that is ideal for detecting surface debris and shoe prints. A concept developed by foster+freeman, the Crime-lite 82L PRO produces a ‘sheet’ of variable intensity (10%, 50%, 100%) white or UV light to reveal floor level evidence. The device is supplied with blue, green and red clip-on filters to enhance contrast on coloured backgrounds. Provides a flat linear sheet of light for surface illumination with constant light output throughout the battery charge and an ergonomic design.

Crime-lite 42S

The first high intensity dual-colour forensic Crime-lite for crime-scene and laboratory applications. The Crime-lite 42S, switchable between two arrays of 8 high-intensity LEDs provides the forensic examiner with three illumination outputs in a single alternate light source. Using a simple 3-way control the examiner is able to alternate between two narrowband wavelengths or to use all 16 LEDs in combination to provide high-intensity wideband illumination. The ability to detect evidence under a selection of wavebands from a single source increases the chances of locating evidence and allows forensic investigators to reduce search times.

Crime-lite 2

A range of lightweight LED forensic light sources effective at short range providing intense, even and shadow free illumination for locating and examining evidence. The range includes a white light model for general search and eight narrow band light sources with wavelengths in UV, Violet, Blue, Blue-Green, Green, Orange, and Red for detecting fluorescent stains. With thousands of units in active use by crime scene and forensic investigators worldwide the Crime-lite 2 has proven effectiveness and reliability. Crime-lite 2 light sources are available individually or in sets with viewing goggles or spectacles.

Crime-lite XL *LEGACY*

The worlds most powerful handheld LED forensic light source. 96 high power LEDs provide 115 watts of narrowband illumination. Fully portable and robust, the XL has been optimised for wide area examination of crime-scenes and emulates the power density and effectiveness of a forensic laser at a fraction of the cost. The range offers units with Blue, Blue-Green, Green and Orange wavelengths effective in detecting trace evidence such as blood, body fluids, drugs, fibres, and explosive residues.