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Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors

Applications Gas & Thermal Monitoring Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors

Luxtron m924 OEM

Advanced Energy’s Luxtron m924 OEM module is a four-channel fibre optic unit for medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radio frequency (RF), implantable medical device testing, and research and development labs.

  • Flexible configuration for OEM and lab applications
  • Up to a 50 Hz sampling rate/channel
  • Temperature range: -100 to 330°C
  • Unique superior measurement accuracy of 0.5°C (with calibration)

Luxtron ThermAsset2

Advanced Energy’s Luxtron ThermAsset2 is designed to measure transformer winding hot spots in real time and activate control of the cooling system.

  • Choice of two, four, six, or eight channels
  • Direct, accurate, and real-time transformer winding hot spot and temperature monitoring
  • Programmable setpoints and relays with individual LED alarm indicator

Luxtron M-1000

The Luxtron M-1000 is Advanced Energy’s newest FluorOptic Thermometry (FOT) converter platform enabling accurate temperature measurement as low as -200 °C and up to 450 °C for advanced semiconductor applications in etch and deposition.

  • Advanced low-noise electronics and algorithms give precision better than 0.05 °C
  • AccuDisc sensors enable sensor to be separate from the probe enabling greater accuracy and repeatably
  • Experienced team to support custom probe development for OEMs
  • Compact, DIN-rail size to minimise footprint when integrated into tools and equipment