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TMS1200 high performance optical profiler

TMS1200 high performance optical profiler

From: Polytec

Posted On: 07 Aug 2018

The new Polytec TMS-1200 TopMap μ.Lab, allows characterisation of surfaces and microstructures with a very high lateral resolution. The optical profilometer determines parameters such as texture, flatness, ripple and roughness on both fine and sensitive structures. The Polytec Smart Surface scanning technology even measures areas of a surface with different reflectivity’s.

Individual images are stitched together with ease using an optional, motorized XY positioning stage. Key features include:

  • Non-contact measurement of microstructures and sensitive surfaces
  • 3D topography measurement and roughness determination with nm resolution
  • Determines film thickness and surface defects
  • Excellent lateral resolution for rough and reflective surfaces
  • Smart Surface Scanning technology measures even on high-contrast surfaces
  • 2D and 3D presentation modes with video overlay
  • Application-specific objectives (including LWD objectives for vacuum chambers)