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L-306 compact Z stage

L-306 compact Z stage

From: Physik Instrumente

Posted On: 07 Aug 2018

Physik Instrumente a global leader in the design and manufacture of high precision motion control systems has launched the L-306 compact Z stage.

The L-306 is a new series of compact Z stages with drive screw, a maximum travel range of 13mm for loads up to 2kg and a footprint of 63x63mm. Motor options include 2-phase stepper, 2-phase stepper with incremental encoder or DC motor with incremental encoder. Key features include:

  • Travel range: 13mm
  • Minimum incremental motion: 2.5μm (0.1μm with encoders)
  • Velocity: 5mm/s
  • Bidirectional repeatability: ±2μm (0.5μm with encoders)
  • Load capacity: 20N
  • 63 x 63mm footprint
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