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StellarPro spectroscopy application software

From: StellarNet

Posted On: 25 Jul 2023

StellarNet releases new StellarPro™ Software with powerful spectroscopy application modules! The StellarPro software is a combination of our popular SpectraWiz software with advanced tools and an application module style interface, be prepared to have your mind blown with it’s power and versatility. Built-in modules for Radiometry, Colorimetry, Chemical Absorption/Kinetics, Chemometrics, Spectral ID, Raman, Multichannel, Haze, & Thin-Film.  It’s like several specialty programs in one fast package!

Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation, enabling even non-technical users to effortlessly harness its capabilities.  With advanced spectral preprocessing built in, users can choose from a variety of options such as baseline subtraction, smoothing, and normalization.  Customers can develop their own specific spectroscopy applications using the StellarPro-ADK Chemometrics module which has PLS and Classification model development, analysis, and run-time deployment. The StellarPro-Spectral ID module allows users to create spectral databases and search for matches. Once an application is developed as an admin, StellarPro’s user permission settings can be changed to “technician” with restricted modification capability for daily operation.  Additionally, the StellarPro software has customizable data reporting, which makes it simple to fit your company or university’s specific requirements. Save and print only the data you need, and even add your company logo to the report!

Director of Engineering at StellarNet, Mo Khan, stated “Our vision was to create an intuitive spectroscopy software that combines advanced applications and analysis with user-friendly interaction, empowering users to unleash the full potential of spectroscopy!”

Designed and built in a modular fashion the StellarPro’s architecture is perfect for OEM customers. You can customize the front panel, choose the application modules you need, and disable all the features you don’t. You can additionally add your company or university logo and color scheme. If you require further customizations our team of software engineers can easily add features as requested.

StellarPro is also equipped with a lightweight publish-subscribe network protocol (MQTT) for connections with remote locations with limited network bandwidth, such as in the Internet of Things (IoT). This enables remote access of your spectral data, connect your spectrometer, and stream data anywhere!

The StellarPro software is included FREE and compatible with all StellarNet spectrometer hardware including the new HYPER-Nova deep-cooled, Quasar high-throughput, and HR-X high-resolution spectrometers.  The concept that the “software is the instrument” is one of the founding principles of StellarNet and we continue that tradition by offering high-end software solutions with each spectrometer.  This makes StellarNet, hands-down, the best value spectrometer system on the market.

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