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C-WAVE tunable laser source

From: Hübner Photonics

Posted On: 16 Mar 2017

Warsash Scientific is pleased to announce the C-WAVE from HÜBNER Photonics, a leading manufacturer of laser, terahertz and radar system solutions. The C-WAVE is a tunable laser light source for continuous wave emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range. Its technology is based on optical parametric oscillation (OPO) and is fully computer controlled. It allows you to tune from blue (450 – 525nm) to red (540 – 650nm) and into the near-infrared (900 – 1300nm) without any change of dyes or optical components.

In addition, the use of the AbsoluteLambda software module offers the opportunity for an automated selection of wavelength with high accuracy (set point ±1MHz) and a drift-free wavelength stabilisation (±1MHz) over 12 hours. Control and fine tuning are achieved using intra-cavity elements and piezo-tuning of the cavity length.