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405nm narrow linewidth laser

405nm narrow linewidth laser

From: Cobolt

Posted On: 10 Feb 2018

Cobolt, a part of HUBNER Photonics, introduces the Cobolt 08-NLD 405 nm frequency stabilized, Narrow linewidth Laser Diode with up to 30 mW and including an integrated optical isolator. With totally integrated electronics, the compact Cobolt 08-NLD 405 nm is ideally suited for high end Raman spectroscopy or other analytical measurements.

Also available in the 08-01 Series is the Cobolt 08-DPL 532 nm (diode pumped laser), either with or without an optical isolator, Cobolt 08-DPL 561 nm and the Cobolt 08-NLD 785 nm. The Cobolt 08-DPL 532 nm and 561 nm are truly SLM with excellent spectral purity and wavelength stability while the Cobolt 08-NLD 785 nm is a narrow linewidth laser with up to 500 mW.