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Videray Technologies Inc. Announces the Launch of the Industry’s First Handheld 140kV X-ray Generator

From: Videray

Posted On: 22 Mar 2024


Videray continues pushing boundaries with the introduction of their new product, the PXT

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The world’s first handheld transmission x-ray, an imaging solution designed for law enforcement, military and NDT markets

Boston, MA: Videray Technologies Inc., a world leader in handheld X-ray inspection equipment, has announced the release of the PXT, the industry’s first handheld 140kV transmission X-ray generator. This patent pending design further extends the safety, ease of use, and powerful inspection capabilities that Videray customers have come to rely on and opens completely new use cases across various markets.

The PXT, when paired with their MTP+ detectors, can penetrate up to 30mm of steel with a 100μm pixel pitch resolution allowing operators to see even more detail when doing inspections. The PXT is available for order now.

After this announcement, Videray Technologies Founder and CEO Paul Bradshaw said, “The PXT is another great example of how we continue to push the limits of what is possible with handheld and ultra-portable X-ray inspection systems. Through our close collaboration with our global network of partners and customers, we know that this system will immediately unlock new inspection capabilities in both the Security and NDT markets.”

About Videray Technologies
Videray Technologies Inc. is a world leader in designing and developing ultra-portable & miniaturized handheld X-ray inspection equipment. Based in Boston, MA, and founded in 2018, the company serves clients in over 75 countries in the safety, security, and non-destructive testing (NDT) markets.

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