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TC10 LAB series temperature controller

From: Wavelength Electronics

Posted On: 07 Jun 2017

Wavelength Electronics has recently released the TC10 and TC5 LAB Series temperature control instruments. The TC LAB Series of temperature controller integrates high-end digital control with a precision output current drive stage to offer the best stability temperature control instrument commercially available.

The TC10 (10A, 15V) and TC5 (5A, 15V) are ultra-stable digital controllers for thermoelectric and resistive heaters where tight temperature stability is required. Designed using the latest technology, stabilities better than 0.0009 C can be achieved with thermistors. Wavelength Electronics proprietary IntelliTuneTM intelligent tuning algorithm, adapts the PID control coefficients as you change setpoint or tuning mode, always keeping the load optimally controlled.

With Wavelength Electronics plug and play instrument you have the ability to quickly set the controls using either the instrument touch screen or a remote computer, and the results are easy to monitor.