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High power sub-ns laser

Skyra multi-line laser

From: Cobolt

Posted On: 04 Aug 2017

Cobolt AB, Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, introduces a revolutionary multi-line laser platform, SkyraTM. The SkyraTM can integrate up to four laser lines into a single laser unit.

Unlike laser combiners the SkyraTM is a highly compact (70 x 134 x 38mm), fully integrated multi-line laser that requires no external electronics. The range of laser lines that can be incorporated into the laser are; 405, 445, 473, 488, 515, 532, 553, 561, 633, 638, 647 and 660nm. The individual laser lines can be directly intensity modulated with output powers of up to 100mW each. The SkyraTM is perfectly suited for easy-to-use analytical instruments and application in the life sciences, such as microscopy and flow cytometry.