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Highest efficiency high pulse energy diode laser

Highest efficiency high pulse energy diode laser

From: Photonics Industries

Posted On: 01 Apr 2020

Photonics Industries, the pioneer of intracavity solid-state harmonic lasers, has introduced a new line of pulsed diode pumped lasers, the DP Series, for applications that need; short pulses (<10ns), high pulse energy with low power consumption, and air cooling. The DP series has several standard lasers available with up to:

  • 20mJ at 1,053nm
  • 18mJ at 527nm
  • 4mJ at 351nm

All with a TEM00 mode quality at high repetition rates (up to 200Hz) in a compact, industrial grade, small all-in-one form factor. Also, the high rep rate version, the DP2K Series, fit applications that require high pulse energies at up to 2kHz rep rates with low power consumption. The DP2K Series is available in IR (1,064nm), green (532nm) and/or DUV (266nm).

Industrial and research laser based material processing applications include:

  • Miromachining/ablationo
  • Pulsed laser deposition
  • Laser cleaning
  • Harmonic and parametric pumping
  • Laser induced breakdown psectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Laser induced fluorescence (LIF)
  • THz generation
  • PIV
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy
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