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EnSpectr R1064 Raman Analyser

EnSpectr R1064 Raman Analyser

From: Enhanced Spectrometry

Posted On: 11 Oct 2017

Enhanced Spectrometry, a manufacturer of portable Raman and luminescent spectrometry solutions for real-time testing and for quality control, announce the release of the EnSpectr R1064 IR Raman Analyser.

The EnSpectr R1064 is a unique instrument that enables the user to obtain Raman spectra in applications where the Raman signal is typically dominated by fluorescence. With the EnSpectr R1064, you can easily analyse, oils, dyes, paints, organic substances, etc. due to its record wide spectral range. It is the only portable 1064nm device which can see the water Raman line. This makes it a comprehensive tool for analysis of liquids through transparent and semi-transparent packaging.