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Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments and components serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence and industry. We specialise in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Photonics, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring and Thin Film technologies. We have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. An awareness of current and future innovations and our knowledge of products and their potential applications, means we can source and tailor instrument solutions for your needs.

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C-WAVE tunable laser source


Posted: 16 March 2017

C-WAVE tunable laser
The C-WAVE is a tunable laser light source for continuous wave emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range.

Warsash Scientific is pleased to announce the C-WAVE from HÜBNER Photonics, a leading manufacturer of laser, terahertz and radar system solutions. The C-WAVE is a tunable laser light source for continuous wave emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range. Its technology is based on optical parametric oscillation (OPO) and is fully computer controlled. It allows you to tune from blue (450 – 525nm) to red (540 – 650nm) and into the near-infrared (900 – 1300nm) without any change of dyes or optical components.

In addition, the use of the AbsoluteLambda software module offers the opportunity for an automated selection of wavelength with high accuracy (set point ±1MHz) and a drift-free wavelength stabilisation (±1MHz) over 12 hours. Control and fine tuning are achieved using intra-cavity elements and piezo-tuning of the cavity length.

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MSA-100-3D micro system analyser

FROM Polytec

Posted: 16 March 2017

3D laser vibrometer
MSA-100-3D micro system analyser from Polytec.

The MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer from Polytec is designed for 3D vibration analysis with high lateral resolution. It is especially suited for microsystems, precision mechanics parts and for studies on the dynamics of HGAs and secondary actuators in the data storage industry.

The instrument is based on a novel 3D vibrometer setup enabling pm-resolution for both out-of-plane and in-plane motion. It has a frequency bandwidth of 25 MHz. An integrated XY-traverse stage with full software support for high-precision sample movement enables scanned measurements for obtaining 3D deflection shapes.

The MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer solves many challenging development tasks. Sub-picometer amplitude resolution is achieved for both Out-Of-Plane (OOP) and In-Plane (IP) motion with a small laser spot resulting in high spatial resolution data. This combined with up to 25 MHz bandwidth real time data will open a realm of entirely new applications for the characterization of MEMS and other micro mechanical structures.

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FROM Physik Instrumente

Posted: 16 March 2017

6 degree of freedom motion control
Q-845 Q-Motion based 6DOF SpaceFAB from Physik Instrumente.

Warsash Scientific is pleased to announce the Q-845 from Physik Instrumente (PI), a new parallel kinematic system with a more compact design and higher resolution. Designed for highly accurate positioning with 6 degrees of freedom based on piezo inertia drives.

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