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Mini PL/Raman

MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer

MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer

Photoluminescence spectroscopy is a efficient, non-destructive and contactless method of probing electronic properties of material, especially for direct-band semiconductors.
Technology From: Photon Systems

MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer

Measurement of photoluminescence (PL) spectra from semiconductor materials is an important characterisation method and is widely accepted for providing information on carrier doping levels, alloy composition, bandgap and edge effects, etc. The ability to measure UV

Resonance Raman spectra adds specificity and enhanced characterisation of materials. These measurements are important both for research, device characterisation and process monitoring.

Photon Systems' Deep UV (DUV) MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer provides the most compact and inexpensive instrument available at these wavelengths. Enabling PL

and Raman spectra measurement of semiconductor materials with bandgap up to about 5.5eV corresponding to AlGaN with Al concentrations up over 80%.

Key Features
  • Room Temperature PL and Raman
  • 5.5eV (224nm) or 5.0eV (248.6nm) laser excitation
  • measurement of excitation and emission energy for direct QE
    Quantum Efficiency
  • Highly portable 15 × 18 × 36cm, <8Kg
  • High Resolution 0.2nm (multi slits included)
  • Computer controlled Grating selection and Calibration
  • 1200g/mm grating std. (300nm peak)
  • 3600g/mm grating for High Res PL or Raman optional (250nm peak)
  • Digital PMT
    Photomultiplier Tube
    controller with gated box car Integrator & Averager for low noise digital PMT output measurement
  • < 20Watts (90-240VAC) input
  • Fully integrated, self-contained, system
  • LabView interface and control of laser, spectrograph, PMT, spectral data
  • Analysis software included, FWHM
    Full Width at Half Maximum
    , Peak, Side lobe identification, spectral subtract, normalise etc.
  • Up to 50 mm diameter sample size
  • X-Y-Z stage manual sample control 50mm standard
  • 50mm X-Y motorized stage including mapping software optional
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